A modern fairytale that rhymes

It’s time for a A modern fairytale that rhymes. If the shoe fits, wear it! 

A modern fairytale that rhymes

One day, the monarch proclaimed
They deserved to be shamed
Goddess or God didn’t even know why
they deserved to die
Well, he didn’t say it with these exact words
The clergymen already sharpened their swords
From their high ivory tower
they stated they held all power
Only those without sin
would win
Meanwhile, they turned to the innocent
Claiming they would experience something magnificent
But in the end
all they saw was darkness
The monarch gazed at the mess
Did you know, he even smiled?
His imagination, it went wild
Falsely accusing
Oh, he found it so amusing!
People would recognise
that their denies
and protest was useless
against all his badness

In the end, it was all haughtiness
Based on lies and lies
To his surprise
the one closest betrayed him
Even she was a victim
of his terror
She found it time to correct this error

The last thing he remembered: her words
Powerful as swords
Cutting deep into his skin
She told him she was no longer a virgin
Yes, she went on to tell him about the fruit she ate
Ignoring his hate
It tasted deliciously
Only she could agree
it was so wonderful
It wasn’t abnormal

He heard her say it was kissing fish
Nothing devilish
No, oh no, it was divinity!
and clarity

His lackeys could hear it all
It was his downfall
The news spread faster than anyone could imagine
It was like armageddon
The beginning
of his ending

And she finally said to him, while walking away,
“Yes, I’m totally gay!”

The monarch’s rule came to an abrupt ending
Was it amusing?
Something to laugh about?
It wasn’t, no doubt
Equal love wasn’t the only thing against which he had gone to war
There was so much more
It all had to be corrected
before it all ended

He was sent away
Far from here, till this day
And the princess?
I believe she’s just got out of her dress
Tonight, without a doubt
she’s eating out
Not in public
No, more basic
In a bed
She’s about to lose her head
I can her her shrieking
She’s having trouble speaking
Nothing more than “Oh shit! Oh shit”
as my tongue is touching her clit …

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