About that girl

Everyone loves a true story, right? Well, let’s take a moment to talk about that doubting moment. That moment when she is giving you very mixed signals.

Yes, she is always talking about her boyfriend. The world must know how awesome he is. He is awesome, don’t get me wrong. They are good together. It’s not that I don’t like it, because she’s with a guy.

There are many moments in your life – even in my life – that make you realise something. No, the rest of the female population aren’t all into women or partly into women. Sadly, on more than one occasion I realised my crush wasn’t interested in girls.

So, what about this poem? Read it! It’s about a crush. She’s so happy with her boyfriend. Or is she?

About that girl

This girl, this jewel
Is so hererosexual
She’s so damn happy with her boyfriend
God, why does she even pretend
to be so straight?
Yo, wait!
Wait a damn minute now!
Was I blinded to see?

Why did she kiss me?!

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