After you’re dead

It’s the Million Dollar Question: what will happen once you die. Will there be a heaven or a hell (if you didn’t behave well)? Or will there be ‘nothing?’ What is exactly dying? Dying is something that is different for everyone. For some, it’s a new start. For others, it’s the ending of natural life. There are those who think that it’s the continuation of a journey. Whatever your thoughts may be on this point, here’s a poem filled with those questions that can torment you.  

After you’re dead

Tell me what will happen once you die Be honest, please Will you be able to fly, carried away by a slight breeze? What will happen once your dead? Will you remember your to the last thing you’ve said? What will happen to the echo of that what was inside your head? I don’t know, so tell me what will happen once you die?

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