This poem is about Angelique. She doesn’t know it, but she’s the center of my attention.



Her name is Angelique
She’s got long hair
Sometimes we speak
and it’s not fair
Instead of helping her to peak
I only glare

She’s never interested in me that way
Asking me if the bus has already passed
Every other day
Hoping she asked
to run away
She never does
Her perfume makes me go bananas
Her eyes are there for me to drown in
Is it a sin?
To dream a lot
’bout her being so hot?

Does she know I am crushing?
I try to play it cool
I’m so blushing
I’m a fool!

Her lips make me drool
When she wears a skirt with a top
I feel more like a fool
My jaws drop

I want her so badly
She never shows signs or any clue
It’s sadly
But it’s true

I want her to get out of my head
Well, just inside my bed….

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