I want to do it anyway

Did you ever realise that the person you love doesn’t love you? In the same way you want it to be? No matter what, you’re willing to do everything. That what this poem is about.

I want to do it anyway

When it’s cold I’ll keep you warm
Should it rain, I’ll be your cover
In the middle of a storm,
I will tell you about an exciting adventure
Anything to distract my lover

In every season I’ll be there
To protect
To caress your hair
I’ll never treat you with disrespect

Even though I can’t cook,
I’ll be your kitchen princess
I’ll tell you how wonderful you look
in every single dress

In bed I’ll treat you like a royal
Giving you satisfaction
In other words: fuck you like an animal!
with every action

You mean the world to me
No, you don’t see it that way
But you see
I want to do it anyway.

I want to do it anyway

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