She writes poems like the one entitled “Intensely,” creates digital art and promotes the LGBQT+ positive thoughts. This is a poem written by Michaela Cortez. It’s not only hot as hell. It’s simply awesome!

Artwork by Michaela Cortez
Artwork by Michaela Cortez. More on Instagram page

There’s a good chance you came across her work on Instagram. She uses the name Soblu4u. It’s needless to say, that Being Imaginative is a big fan of her work.



If the text isn’t visible, then see her words below:


Her words about the image and “Intensely”

I just really liked the photo and made the Digital Image from it. The photo is rendered to a graphite drawing with added filters. The girl with the braids reminds me a bit of myself. I can sometimes get very intense like that. The poem is based on me feeling that way and bringing off my girlfriend like that. No back story really. Just a recognition I guess.

That’s just fine, right? How wonderful is it, that you can relate to an image or a photo? That it reminds you of something that you know or it reminds you of yourself? Isn’t that the beauty of artistic expressions? That it’s relatable? If it’s not relatable, it can still be wonderful… even hot as hell!

Other posts

Yes, she does post a lot of artwork on her Instagram page. The other posts aren’t that vivid. That’s why this post is missing on her Instagram page. Sometimes it’s hard to realise that not every artistic expression is allowed on social media.

Almost no restrictions

Lucky for her (and maybe for you), Being Imaginative has no restrictions when it comes to artistic expressions. On the website, almost everything is allowed. That’s why your work can be featured on this website as well. Just like the poem “Intensely” and the fine artwork Michaela made!

So, what are you waiting for: send in your artwork that is simply too hot for social media!

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