Kissing in public

Ther will come a time, when you’re not able to resist yourself. When that time arrives, you will find yourself kissing in public. This should be a problem, right? Unfortunately, it’s not a problem for you. It might be for others. How to deal with these situations?

Yes, you are an openminded person. There is no way on earth you can’t stop thinking about the other one. The affection grows and grows and there will be a moment when you’re not able to control yourself. This shouldn’t be a problem. Kissing each other is a token of affection.

Unfortunately, when two people of the same gender kiss, it’s a big deal for some people. Not everyone is as openminded as you are. It’s not like we’re killing the mood or discourage you from stealing a kiss. It’s something that can happen and there isn’t just one thing that could happen.

Remember that story about the two young women who were attacked on a bus in London. This happened in June 2019, as you can read in this article. Melania and Chris were attacked when travelling to Camden Town. The reason for this attack by four male teenagers? Because these boys found out they were a couple. They insisted that the two women should kiss each other. They refused and because of that, they were molested.

So this wasn’t about a kiss in public. It was about not kissing in public. Not wanting to sexualize their behaviour for the benefit of these boys (their age were between 15 and 18).

But what if you want to kiss and people see this. For heterosexuals, this shouldn’t be a real problem. When it concerns gay people it does. When it concerns two girls, men tend to react in a rude and offensive way. Sometimes it can lead to violence. That last part (violence) is something that gay men have to deal with even more. This doesn’t mean that they’re having a harder time than others.

It shouldn’t make a difference who you want to kiss. Keep in mind that others wouldn’t agree with your way of life. You might be faced with offensive language or even violence. Should this stop you from showing your affection to the other? No, of course not. There is perhaps a way to deal with all of this. Kissing in public is one thing, but make sure that you don’t get yourself into a situation that could turn into your worst nightmare.

Kissing isn’t about nightmares. It’s about love (or lust). Your love is your choice. And yes, you should be able to love the way you want to!

How to deal with this?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a good or bad way to do this. It’s because it comes up like a storm, this urge to kiss the other. It doesn’t necessarily mean french kissing. It can be a sweet, soft kiss.

So, is there a way to prevent reactions from others? Unfortunately, no. It’s not a problem when no one is around of course. But you can’t always plan this. Just be safe, that’s all.

Happy kissing!

So, let’s have it. What are your experiences with kissing in public? What’s your opinion on this?

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