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What turns you on? It doesn’t always need to be explicit to turn you on. Even words can be a turn-on. There are certain images that have the same effect. These images aren’t explicit.

It’s different for everyone. What’s a turn-on or not. According to the dictionary, it’s something that moves you – pleasurably. It might even excite you sexually.

No, it’s not always a matter of something kinky. Well, what’s kinky or not depends on your definitions or your taste. Compare it to viewing paintings. You might be moved by Rembrandt, but aren’t by Dali. Or the other way around. There’s always a slight chance that you’re moved by any of those paintings.

There is a chance you will freak out when you see two people kiss. People do that. This has nothing to do with homophobia. People even can freak out when people of different genders kiss. However, there is a bigger group around the world that’s not into people of the same gender kissing or loving each other. Since this is a friendly website, we’ll just leave it at that. There is no need to start a discussion about this being wrong because it isn’t. Love is love, remember?!

So, here’s what this remix is all about.

The original

The original photo was found on . You can see all sorts of photos on this website. If you’re in need of some webspace where you can store your photos, Flickr is a good option. You have to keep in mind, that your photos may be used by others.

Click here for the original photo

The changed one

It’s like this photo is now a canvas. Making it more artistic.

Your remix

How about you? Are you ready to be remixed yet? Being Imaginative can do this for you! Just fill out this form.

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