Love is Love and Love is Equal

Let’s make one thing clear: you’re never more than anyone else because of the way you love. We all live underneath a beautiful rainbow and deserve the same respect. However, not everyone sees it that way. Let’s take a moment to stress out the importance of Love is Love and Love is Equal. 

There are so many reasons to fall in love. It’s the way she looks, it’s the way he acts, it’s the way they walk. Love is love. That seems something that is just that, but it’s so much more. This phrase stresses out the importance of this feeling we call love. There should be no barriers, no limitations. Well, as far as normal love goes. Let’s leave out any kinds of preferences that aren’t really normal. Paedophilia is one of them.  When it comes to the phrase Love is Love, it must feel like coming home from a long journey. That moment when you walk into your house and it all feels good. There shouldn’t be any worries about who you love. There shouldn’t be a debate about the way you love. That’s where Love is Equal steps in. Love “isn’t just” love when it comes to equality. You’re not less if you’re a girl who fancies another girl. You’re not a bad guy if you want to sleep with another guy. You’re not someone who is indecisive when you sleep with different genders. Also, your gender should be a barrier. Even when you’re struggling with all of this, there should be no boundaries. No matter what people will say. Even when it’s your own family or group of friends. This is something that shouldn’t be written down. This should be the way that everyone should see it. Unfortunately, it isn’t. There are those who have an opinion. This opinion isn’t the badest thing there is. It’s the actions that result from their ideas: words of hate and violence. Violence, let’s not get started on that part! Check out the following poem. It seems appropriate.

I don’t care

If you eat out a chick if you suck dick get it or give it It doesn’t mean shit If you’re into hockey chicks or hockey sticks If you want to do a femboy or you want to enjoy a straight girl It doesn’t matter if you’re gay woman or a gay boy It doesn’t matter if you want a gay man If you play for both teams Nope, even your naughtiest dreams ’bout a man who’s now a woman or a woman who’s now a man Bisexual? Asexual Pansexual Homosexual? All sexual? It all doesn’t matter, I don’t care But don’t you dare Thinking you are more than the other and don’t bother saying things like “It’s a sin” Sorry you’ll never win Don’t you dare
  It doesn’t matter who you are, who you love, the way you love. As long as you love. Put love in your heart, instead of hate. I’m not telling you the way you should or shouldn’t love. That’s up to you. You should turn it around: what if you are met with hate because of your love?! Use the same respect towards others as you want to receive the respect from the others. Be kind, be gentle and: be great! I do care

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