Love is strange

I read some article about coming out stories on a website, as I am writing an article about coming out. This article is coming up later. It was because of one of the confessions on this website, that made me again realize: Love is strange! But, not in a negative way. Strange as in wonderful and surprising.

On, Carrie Nelson (producer at that time) told about her coming out. Yes, this article dates years and years back. This isn’t important. Nelson explained how she realized one day, she was gay. There wasn’t really a moment that would spark it up. It was just the realization. During that time, she was dating a boy. All she could think about was Kiera Knightley when they saw Love Actually. I can’t really blame her for that. She is a goddess. That’s not important right now. We’re not discussing the hotness of Kiera Knightley.

Kiera Knightley

No boundaries

What’s interesting is that Nelson met her husband when she was nineteen years old. Before that, she was under the impression that she was attracted to women. It caused her to overthink her actions and she came out for the second time in her life. First as gay, now as queer or bisexual.

This is just an example of how strange love can be. There are no boundaries and even when you’ve made up your mind, there’s always this possibility that things could change.

Possibility or Possible as in perhaps or maybe. Not as in turn around. If I had a cent for those moments when I was confronted with a guy wanting me to turn around, I would be filthy rich. People can change, but it’s not up to others to demand this change.

Does this mean Nelson made a mistake? Well, not really. There are many people who believe that they’re straight. Until they find out that there is more. Some are gay, some are bisexual, some are pansexual or whatever way they want to identify themselves with. There are those who don’t even use a label. As long as they’re happy. That’s what counts. It’s also this moment when the strangeness steps in. Strange because in a way, there is a break with the past. In Nelson’s case, this was something else than being gay.

Love is strange, so is life

Love is strange, so is life. There are many things that can’t be explained. That’s something we should accept. That what makes this world so interesting.

According to Nelson, she lost a few friends during her second outing. Is that a bad thing? Well, losing friends is never a good thing. However, if you do you must always ask yourself one important question: were they really good friends? Good friends stick around. They are your beacon in the night. Your lighthouse. In good and bad times. Even when announcements so big are made, it’s a matter of how close you really are.

So, even after six years, this story shows how wonderful love really is. It’s something you can’t control. I learned this too. At some point in time, I thought I was straight. For a few years, I thought I was bisexual. Later on, I realized I was just too gay 😊

Your story

Yes, still interested to read the story of your coming out for the article I want to write. So let’s have it. There is no need to publish your full name. Just your story. Send your input to

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