There was doubt…

It’s not good to doubt, right? In the end, we all seem to be doing it at some point in our lives. Today was such a day and it leads to the creation of something new: Being Imaginative.

This website came from an Instagram account, that turned into something it was, yet didn’t was. Does this make sense? Not so much.

Originally, the social media account was a personal one. As you can read in the bio of this website, initiated by me – Elodie. This website isn’t about me anymore. This is a website that is all about imagination. You can read more about what Being Imaginative is on this page.

So, welcome! The website is live. The account on Insta and Facebook are set up. We’re good to go! Now, all there is to it is to do what has been done before. Focus on remixes and artsy things. On this website, you will find the things that can’t be published on social media, because of the censorship.

In need of a remix (rainbowing) of your photo? Do contact Being Imaginative for more information? To answer just one question: It’s free!

Why is this free? Because there is a lot you have to pay for in life, right? Consider this as a small and kind gesture.

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