Throughout Summer

Summer Love or Love in the Summer. That’s what this poem is about!

Throughout Summer

Throughout Summer, she felt peculiar
Was the heat an accelerator?
Girls in Summer wear
with their flair

She didn’t notice boys
with their swimming trunks filled with toys

What was this about?
It made her insecure
It made her doubt
What was this alltogether?

Even her friend’s knockers
were making her bonkers
They almost didn’t fit her bikini
It was absurdity
to think they were waving at her
It made her thoughts blur

She wanted a taste
but was too scared to ask for it
Her thoughts were like toxic waste
Oh, she felt so unfit!

Her minds must played tricks
Was her friend teasing
when she said: “I need a fix”
She felt herself freezing

Unfortunately was nothing at all
this fix
was nothing more than alcohol
in her lemonade mix

Her friend became more talkative
By all the boozing
A little provocative
It became confusing

Her friend started talking
about her desire
to be kissing
It was like she was on fire

she moved, because she couldn’t resist
and did something drastically
Yeah, she kissed

“What are you doing?”
her friend asked in a hoarse voice
Damn, it was so confusing!
Why did she make this choice?!

She ran away
Away from the beach
Away from this cursed day
She lost her speech

Her friend texted her, finally
To her surprise
She read these words: “It’s insanity
How did you know about what I fantasize?!”


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