Since staying at home these days can make you bored, it’s time to share some stories. This time, it’s all about Lauren – what she told her friend. 


“I’m not gay!” I remember these words. My words to be exact. Yes, I said them. Out loud. And now, here I was. In my room. Not alone. With another girl and she was eating me out.

Let’s go back in time for just a moment. I said I wasn’t gay. I was straight. I had a boyfriend and was so happy. My friends told me that this girl had a major crush on me. So what? What was I supposed to do now, being straight. With my boyfriend.

“I’m not gay!” These words made Lauren, my best friend laugh. She told me that it wouldn’t require to be gay to go out with a girl. To do more: kissing…

“Yeah, I know. But I’m not bi or whatever,” I said to her.

“Have you ever tried it?”

My eyes started rolling by now. No, I didn’t. Remember, I was straight. I had a boyfriend. Him and me had just taken the relationship to the next level. In other words: he did me. 

More than once. And hell yeah, it was good.

“No Lauren. But have you?”

Somehow, I knew where this was heading. My best friend telling me something that I really didn’t know. By the look she gave me, I knew I was right.

“Remember you ditching me last Saturday?”

How could I not? We were at this party and I did ditched Lauren.

Something with other priorities. Like getting myself fucked by my boyfriend. Hopeless, I know.

“Yeah, sorry for that.”

She smiled at me and said: “Don’t be! I got really drunk and…”

A dramatic pause. Was I to interrupt? Should I?

“Well, Rebecca and I…”

Another pause. What the fuck was she saying. Not only that she got it on with a girl. Also: Rebecca and her weren’t actually close. Not that they were enemies or something.

“Rebecca? You?”

Another big smile.

“Yep. So, you should try it too. You know she has a crush on you!”

This puzzled me. Rebecca?


Now shelaughed. Loud.

“No, silly. Lisa. God, you’re so gullible sometimes. Didn’t you notice how she looks at you?”

For a moment I thought about Lisa. I immediately dismissed the idea.
“Hey, remember Rick?”

Lauren added: “Yeah with his horse dick. How can I forget him. It’s a you talk about these days!”

True. My dreamy well shaped boyfriend was mentioned more than once by me these days.

“God, Lauren! So funny! He’s my boyfriend.”

She waved her hand and casually said: “Everything can be broken.”

“Why should I break up with Rick?”

In a soft voice – while leaning over to me – she said: “Because, you need to sleep with Lisa.”

“Why don’t you sleep with Lisa?”

With a smart look on her face she said: “Because I have Rebecca.”

How serious was she? Why did she act this way? It started to make uncomfortable. But, there was a more important thing about all of this. Did my best friend just came out to me? Wasn’t this like one of the strangest ways to come out?

“Lauren, are you gay?”

Her eyes. She seemed to be crying.
“I think so.”

Oh my god. No, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a bad ‘Oh my God.’ Lauren deserved every piece of happiness.
“Oh wow. So this whole Lisa thing was just a cover up?”

Before she stood up, she said to me: “Nope, you still need to be with her.”
Then she walked away. Off to class. It was time for me to go to. Just a few moments later, there I was. Sitting next to my dreamy boyfriend. I didn’t speak, so he gave me a questionable look. I told him everything was fine.

After school, when he went down on me, I couldn’t help thinking it was Lisa. We we’re outside, in the park. Yes, very romantic (not). Why was I thinking about Lisa? Damn you, Lauren! Damn you!

A few days later, I was sitting with Lauren. Lisa passed and Laura said to her: “Why don’t you come and join us?”

Again, damn you Lauren! Especially because she excused her not soon after. She said she had something else to do. Her I was. A staring contest with Lisa followed.

“So, how are you?” She tried.

“Good, I guess,” I said with insecure tone in my voice.

“You guess?” she asked, while looking me over. Fuck, it made me blush. Before things could really turn any worse, Rick showed up. Without talking to Lisa, he turned to me. If we could talk. Somewhere else.

We walked for a while and then he started. Oh, cliche, cliche! It wasn’t me. It was him. You know the talk, right? When he was done with his monologue, he just left me.

Eventually, I started walking back to school. I was going to get a note from the administration. I would tell them I was sick. That was pretty much close to the truth anyways. I really felt sick. Used in some way. You can’t believe how long Rick was nagging me about picking my flower.

“Hey, everything ok?”

It was Lauren. She saw everything wasn’t ok. Through my years, I explained what happened. She started cursing and telling me that she would kick his ass.

The next days were somewhat like a bad dream. Rick got over me quickly. Scoring some other chick. Lisa sat with us more frequently. At one time, it was just me and her. She asked if I wanted to do homework with her. I agreed and she went with me to my house. I introduced her to my mother, who seemed to like her.
Ok. It turned out that Lauren was right (damn her). Lisa and I got freaky, while my mother was downstairs. It’s silly, but for me it was just a way it forget about the pain.

After Lisa was gone, I sent a message to Lauren. I told her everything. She phoned me within five minutes.
“See, told you?”
Damn Lauren. Damn.

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