Why you must play Life is Strange

There are lots of reasons for you to start playing Life is Strange, if you haven’t already. This episodic graphic adventure game is something you can’t afford to miss if you’re really into LGBTQ+ games.

Life is Strange was released by Dotnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix in 2015. Since then a prequel and a sequel were launched (Life Is Strange: Before the Storm (2017) and  Life Is Strange 2 (2018). Yes, these aren’t the newest games around. Still, after five years these games are very good.

Not an erotic game

Before we go further, let’s take the time to explain what Life is Strange or any other versions released by DotNot Entertainment is not. It’s not an erotic game. The LGBTQ+ element is not always visible. I’ll get into that last part later on. If you are into more explicit games, there’s always the option to go for the games known as Ren’Py games. Yes, you will dive into a completely another world when it comes to gaming. These games aren’t the most female-friendly games around. They’re based on stereotypes (huge boobs, big asses etc). Let’s just say, I’m not a big fan of these games. Life is Strange isn’t about all of this. It’s a completely different type of game.

Most games are based on the principle that you have to perform a task. This can be a battle that has to be won or a quest that needs to be completed. Life is Strange is based on choices you make. These choices can change the outcome of the game. There is something else that’s different. If you start up a first-person shooter there is no way you can select what episode you’re playing. Life is Strange is build up in the same way as series are created. There are five episodes to chose from. However, it’s advised that you follow the chronological order of the game.

If we take a look at the first release (episodes 1 – 5), the main characters are Maxine (Max) Caulfield and Chloe Price. Max is played by Hannah Telle and Chloe is played by Ashly Burch. These girls are somewhat queer. There is no real hint to their sexuality, but there are indications that Chloe is at least bisexual. If I dig into this further, this will be a spoiler alert. I won’t go any further into this.

In the real world, the game has a huge fanbase and to them, it’s clear: Max and Chloe belong to each other. We can even see cosplayers dressed as Max and Chloe stealing kisses. A reference to something that was missing in the 2015 version of this game.

Life is Strange – Before the storm

From here on, it gets tricky. The first game was followed by Life is Strange: Before the storm. This game was released in 2017. It was a prequel to the first game. Again, I have to be careful not to spoil the fun. This time, it’s all about Chloe and Rachel Amber. They meet at a concert in an abandoned factory. From there on it seems that the two of them are getting closer and closer. Unfortunately, the ending of this game will not show them really in love.

Life is Strange 2

You might expect that there would be a follow-up to the first story when you are about to play Life is Strange 2. There are some references to the original story, but they are very limited. Instead, the makers or designers chose different characters. The main characters are Sean Diaz and his nine-year-old brother Daniel. Daniel has what you can call superpowers. It causes many different situations that you need to resolve.

In this game, there are also some LGTBQ-elements. For instance, you can decide if Sean falls for the advances of a guy. If you don’t want to follow that part of the story, you can always go for a girl. However, the story doesn’t resolve in a real love story in the way you thought it would turn it out to be. Instead, it focusses on the two brothers, who want nothing more than a normal life.

What makes these games interesting are the choices you have to make. Choices that will turn the game around at some moments.


Especially the first part of Life is Strange has a strong fanbase. Many girls dress up as Chloe and Max. On our Instagram page, you can find some examples from time to time. Excellent cosplaying, girls!


Interested to see what this game is about? You can download the game for the following platforms:

  • Windows (Steam)
  • Mac (Steam)
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • XBoxOne
  • Xbox360
  • iOS
  • Android

More information about how to download this game can be found following this link.

More links

There’s also a game called Captain Spirit, that is related to Life is Strange 2.  While you’re following links, do check out the community of Life is Strange on the official website. You can also find a community page on Reddit.

More LGBTQ+ games

If we focus on Steam as a platform to play games, there are more LGBTQ+ friendly games. One game is mentioned a lot as an LBTQ+ game. This is the game Gone Home. This is a story exploration game that takes you back to 1995.

Katie Greenbriar returns home from military service, overseas. Instead of finding her father (Terry, a writer who reviews home electronics), her mother (Janice, a wildlife conservationist) and her sister (Samantha, 17 years old), she finds a deserted house. A mysterious note written by Samantha (or Sam) tells her not to investigate further and just wait for everyone to arrive.

During the game, you get to learn more about what happened to Sam, after she made friends with Yolanda (“Lonnie”). The two of them seemed to be very close. Unfortunately, Terry and Janice didn’t take it well, this new romance of their daughter. Well, if we go on, there will be a huge spoiler alert. Even when it comes to the ending of this game!

More information about Gone Home? Check this website.

Want more? Try searching for Queer Games Bundle. This requires logging into your account.

Not erotic…ehm…

The game isn’t an erotic game, as mentioned. That doesn’t mean that you can’t search for XXX content of Life is Strange. Take this clip.


But wait! It’s not always about porn or the pornofication of this game! Check out these cosplay photos. 

Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber
Chloe Price
Chloe Price
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield

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